The Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy

donated by Katherine Gordon

Awarded to the dog who during the National Specialty –

  1. Obtains a pass in a WC/WCI/WCX or JH/SH/MH and
  2. Obtains a qualifying score in an official Obedience class and
  3. Obtains a placement in the Specialty show.
  • Puppies are not eligible
  • Dog does not have to be owner handled
  • Open to all dogs from any country

Points will be awarded for the following achievements, with the highest score winning the trophy.


  • Best of Breed 50 points
  • Best of Opposite Sex 40 points
  • Judge’s Award of Merit 35 points
  • Best of Winners 30 points
  • Winners 25 points
  • Reserve Winners 20 points
  • First 10 points
  • Second 5 points
  • Third 3 points
  • Fourth 2 points


  • WC 25 points
  • WCI 30 points
  • WCX 40 points
  • Junior Hunter 30 points
  • Senior Hunter 40 points
  • Master Hunter 50 points


  • Count the score

Ties will be broken in the following order –

  1. Highest obedience score
  2. Number of dogs defeated in the show
  3. By the show judge

Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy Winners

1983 – Aureo Kyrie Touf Acto Follow CD WC – Neida Heusinkvelt

1993Wheatfields Master Mind – Ches Smith
1995 – Aureo Footloose ‘N Fancy Free Am JH WC – Neida Heusinkvelt
1996 – Goldwest Dakota Bound TD WC – A & N Moffat
1998 – Wingmaster Winsm Morningstar CD WCI Am CDX SH WCX – Dennis McConnell, Helene Friedwald, Ginnie Pastor
1999 – Wingmaster Winsm Morningstar CD WCI Am CDX SH WCX – Dennis McConnell, Helene Friedwald, Ginnie Pastor
2001 – CH Justmoor Boodacious JH WCI – Mary Shillabeer, Marjorie Moore
2004 – CH OTCH Justmoor Boodacious MH WCX – Mary Shillabeer
2007 Ch Amberwood Winter Wonderland JH WCIShelly Blom
2008Ch Creeksidefrm’s Windchime WC RNJennifer Dawson
2009CH MOTCH Hot Rod On A Golden Kiss MH TDX WCX DD MVC Am Can CD WCX – Lori Little
2011GMH OTCH Zaniri’s Custom Coupe DD WCX VCX Am WCLori Little
2012CH MOTCH Zaniri’s Piece By Piece WCX SHLeanne Tucker
2013Sterre Badlands Outlaw JH WCI Am JH – Shelly Blom
2014 – Majolica’s Five Oh One CD JH WC CCA – Barbara Jones
2015Zaniri Letter By Letter JH WCILeanne Tucker
2017 – CH Zaniri Letter By Letter CDX MH WCX – Leanne Tucker
2018 – CH MOTCH GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter WCX VCX – Leanne Tucker
2019 – GChEx MOTCh AgMCH Goldcker A Boat Turn JH WCI UTD TD XP AGSC JTX RA CCA CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster