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  1. NAME
    The name of the club shall be the Golden Retriever Club of Canada hereinafter referred to as the “GRCC” or “the Club”.
    The Club shall work in co-operation with the Canadian Kennel Club and may further affiliate itself with organizations devoted to the aims and objectives of the Club, any such affiliation to be approved by the Club in a Standing Resolution to be attached to the Bylaws hereunder.
    The purpose and objectives of the Club shall be as follows:
    1. To develop and bring to the highest standards possible the breed known as the Golden Retriever, the ultimate standard of conformation being that standard as developed by the GRCC and laid down by the Canadian Kennel Club;
    2. To promote the interests and uphold the By-Laws of the Canadian Kennel Club;
    3. To promote and develop the interest of all owners and/or fanciers of the Golden Retriever in the prime activities of the breed such as field trials, hunting tests, obedience trials, conformation shows and tracking tests. To promote participation in other venues that highlight the strengths of the breed;
    4. To ensure that the breeders and members of the Club maintain the highest standards possible at all times, with strict adherence to the Code of Ethics as published by the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and incorporated into this document as Bylaws Article VII;
    5. To encourage all owners and/or fanciers of Golden Retrievers to become members of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada, through positive public relations and educational programs, so that the highest standards possible will be upheld and maintained to bring the natural qualities of the Golden Retriever to perfection;
    6. To ensure that the Golden Retriever Club of Canada will not be conducted and/or operated for profit. All operating surplus or remainder from dues, donations, etc., to the Club shall not endure to the benefit of any one member or individual.
    The area of operation of the Club shall be the entire country of Canada including all Provinces and Territories.
    1. Amendments to the Constitution may be made only at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. All proposed amendments must be received by the Elections Committee Chairperson not less than ninety (90) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Notice of such proposed amendments and ballot forms must be sent to all Eligible Voting Members via electronic mail, unless requested by any Member to receive their Ballot by Canada Post, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    4. A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the official ballots received at the Annual General Meeting is required to carry any amendment(s).
    5. All votes will be submitted either electronically, and/or by written, secret ballot on the official Club ballot form only, exact method to be determined by the Board of Directors at that time.

Revised and passed by the membership September 2021