golden Retriever

Pictured: Hon. Archibald John Marjoribanks, Aide-de Camp to Lord Aberdeen.
January 1894 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Her Royal Highness the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Governor General Vincent Massey strolling through the gardens of Rideau Hall (the Canadian Monarch and Governor General’s official residence). Governor General Massey’s Golden Retriever, Duff, carrying the Queen’s purse.
Oct. 15, 1957
Breed History

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland and England in the mid-19th century as a hunting dog able to retrieve land and water fowl. Goldens made their debut in North America in the 1920’s, were their handsome appearance, wonderful temperament and excellent working ability established their popularity…

GRCC History

The first Golden Club registered with the C.K.C. in 1958 was called the Golden Retriever Club of Ontario. Their first meeting was held at the home of Harold Sherlock. The founding members were Jutta Baker, Mel & Bob Angrove, Harold Sherlock, John McNichol, H.V.P. “Bumpy” Lewis, Cliff MacDonald, Fred Coombs and Dr. Tom DeGeer…

Canadian Breed History

It wasn’t until 1927 that any reference of the Golden Retriever can be found in the C.K.C. stud book. It certainly seems possible that Goldens existed in Canada prior to that but at that time the retriever breeds were registered together as Retrievers…

Christopher Burton (1898 – 1983)

The history of the Golden Retriever lost an important link with the passing of Christopher Burton on August 6, 1983, after an extended hospital stay. While best remembered for his role in bringing Am.Can.Ch. Speedwell Pluto to North America, those who knew Chris will miss this fine…