Versatility Hall of Fame

GCH OTCh Gowrielea As Fur As We Can Go WCI JH – Gail Wormington
CH OTCH Rio’s Spring Fling WCX JH – Pamela Martin
CH AGMCH Goldcker Fish N Ships CDX RE AGMX AGMXJ XP AGSC JTX DJ CGN VS – Brian & Lori Lancaster
OTCH Smok’nGold’s Spittin Fire JH WCX AGX AGXJ EP RE CRX-MCL MADC MGDC SN  TDCH – Jasmine DeBlois

GMOTCH Webshire’s Whole Kate’N Caboodle MH WCX – Helen Walker
AGMCHV OTCH Spirit’s River City Remedy JH WCI NP – Sandra Headrick
OTCH CH Auburnmist Liv With Passion SH WCX – Alice Menczel
MOTCH Auburnmist Hot Tips Wyn Cash WCI JH SHDCH DD RE – Alice Menczel
CH MOTCH Albanor Moonbeam Me Up RE WCI JH VCX – Aileen Murray & Rhona Murray
CH TCH Doctor’s Boys of Summer CDX WC RE AGIS AGNSS – Katie Jaremy & Jane Docter
GChEx TCH Doctor’s Just Don’t Give A D’amn CD RE AGN – Katie Jaremy & Jane Docter
Rio Ranch Showing Colour DS NS CGN RE CD TD MH WCX AGN DD – Annette Caspar
GCH Tidewaters Five O Bookem Danno CGN CDX RE TD JH WCI DD BDD – Jill Cairns
CH GMOTCH GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter WCX – Leanne Tucker
CH OTCH GMH Zaniri Olive That N More WCX CCA – Mary Shillabeer
GCHEX OTCH AGMCH AGMCHS Goldcker A Boat Turn JH WCI UTD TD XP JTX RN CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster
CH AGMCH Goldcker Touk Can Play That Game JH WCI CDX XP JTX CGN –  Brian & Lori Lancaster
OTCH CH Albanor Full O’ The Spirit RN XPV AGXS AGXJV – Lindsay Harvey-Gaudry & Jean Claude Gaudry
AGMCH CH Shakeely’s Northern Parade CDX AGMX AGMXJ XP – Lindsay Harvey
GMOTCH CH Gowrielea’s Fear Factor WC AGN AGIJ RE VCX – Tracy Thompson
CH Windrow’s Ducks In A Row CDX SH WCX – Mary Barrett

Please note, this is not a complete list. Historical information will continually be added over time.