The Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy

donated by Katherine Gordon

Thank you to GRCC Member Mary Shillabeer for her work on the article ‘The Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy Winners’!! 

Please click here to read the article ‘THE NAN GORDON MEMORIAL TROPHY WINNERS’ in PDF format (updated February 2024)

Awarded to the dog who during the designated events at the National Specialty:

  1. Obtains a pass in a WC/WCI/WCX or JH/SH/MH or a placement in a Field Trial or CM, and
  2. Obtains a qualifying score in an official Obedience class (i.e. a class that is eligible for High in Trial) and,
  3. Conformation: Obtains a placement in the Specialty show from a Regular class or from the Unofficial “Gun Retriever” or “Field Retriever” class.
  • Puppies are not eligible
  • Dog does not have to be owner handled
  • Open to all dogs from any country

Points will be awarded for the following achievements, with the highest score winning the trophy.

Only the highest placement will be counted in each category for Conformation and Field.  Obedience: If a dog qualifies in more than one class (e.g. Open B and Utility), only the higher score will be used.


  • Best of Breed 50 points
  • Best of Opposite Sex 40 points
  • Select 38 points
  • Judge’s Award of Merit 35 points
  • Best of Winners 30 points
  • Winners 25 points
  • Reserve Winners 20 points
  • First 10 points
  • Second 5 points
  • Third 3 points
  • Fourth 2 points


  • WC 25 points
  • WCI 30 points
  • WCX 40 points
  • Junior Hunter 30 points
  • Senior Hunter 40 points
  • Master Hunter 50 points

Field Trial:

  • Junior** – Placement, RCM or CM – 35 points
  • Qualifying – Placement, RCM or CM – 50 points
  • Amateur or Open – Placement, RCM or CM – 55 points

** To qualify for the Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy, the dog must be at least one year old.


  • Count the score

Ties will be broken in the following order –

  1. Highest obedience score
  2. Number of dogs defeated in the show
  3. By the show judge

Designated events:  If there is more than one of any type of event (e.g. more than one Obedience Trial, WC/I/X Test, etc.), one of each event will be designated as the “National Obedience Trial”, etc.  These will be designated in the premium list.  Only the designated events can be included to apply for the Nan Gordon Memorial Trophy.

(Some events can be run by a different club, but they will be designated as part of the National Specialty for purposes of this award.)