The Gibson Memorial Trophy


donated in fond memory of
by Jim and Carol Lee

The Gibson Memorial Trophy is a perpetual trophy offered for versatility in all fields. To apply for this award, the Golden must have obtained at least five (5) championship points. The trophy will be awarded annually to the Golden who attains the most number of points in at least three (3) areas of competition.

Points are awarded as per the system listed below:

Pointed to Championship – 1/2 pt (at least 5 pints)
Show Championship (Ch) – 3 pts
Grand Champion (GCh) – 4 pts
Grand Champion Excellent (GChEx) – 5 pts
Best of Breed All Breed Show – 5 pts (maximum of 5 BOB, provided 5 or more dogs competed for BOB)
Group Placement  – 2 pts (maximum of 5 Group Placements)
Best In Show – 5 pts (maximum of 5 Best in Shows)
Reserve Best In Show – 4 pts
Regional Specialty Best of Breed – 2 pts
National Specialty Best of Breed – 3 pts

First In Obedience Class – 1 pt (maximum of 5 firsts)
High In Trial – 3pts (maximum of 5 High in Trials)
Companion Dog (CD) – 1 pt
Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) – 3 pts
Utility Dog (UD/OTCH) – 5 pts
Obedience Trial Champion Excellent (OTCHX) – 6 pts
Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCH) – 7 pts
Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion (GMOTCH) – 8 pts

Working Certificate (WC) – 2 pts
Working Certificate Intermediate (WCI) – 3 pts
Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) – 4 pts
Junior Hunter (JH) – 3 pts
Senior Hunter (SH) – 4 pts
Master Hunter (MH) – 5 pts

First Place In Licensed Field Trial
Open Stake – 6 pts
Qualifying Stake – 4 pts.
Junior Stake – 2 pts

Other Placement or CM In Licensed Field Trial
Open Stake – 2 pts
Qualifying Stake – 2 pts
Junior Stake – 1 Pt

Amateur Field Trial (AFTCH) or Field Trial (FTCH) Champion – 8pts
Bother Amateur Field Trial (AFTCH) or Field Trial (FTCH) Champion – additional 2 pts

Tracking Dog (TD) – 2 pts
Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) – 4 pts
Urban Tracking Dog (UTD) – 2 pts
Urban Tracking Dog Excellent (UTDX) – 4 pts
Tracking Champion (TCh) – 5 pts
Master Tracking Champion (MTCh) – 6 pts

1) A title will be counted for each annual application of the same dog (e.g. a title obtained in 2017 can be counted in 2020)
2) Accomplishments will only be counted when achieved in the specified year period.
3) Points are awarded for the highest accomplishment only. (e.g.-Show: a dog which placed third in the Group would only be awarded 2 points and not an additional point for the BOB win.)
4) A dog will only be awarded this trophy once.
5) Either a title or an accomplishment must be earned in the specified year period.
6) Extra points will be awarded for clearances as follows (but it is not necessary for a dog to have any clearances in order to apply for this trophy):
Add one (1) extra point for each of the following clearances: Eyes, Hips, Elbows, Heart
Plus one (1) point for any DNA clearance(s), (maximum 1 point)
For a total of maximum five (5) points for clearances. **

**Eye clearances must be dated within the specified year period and from a board-certified ophthalmologist.

Trophy Winners

1978 – CH Ambercroft’s Archie Am/Can CD WC Can WCX – John Mairs
1979 – CH Carolee’s Something Special II Am/Can CD WCX – George Stewart
1980 – CH OTCH Chiendor Deerfield Winchester WCX – Bill Leggett
1981 – Can/Am CH Ambertrail’s Bargello Stitch Can UDTX WC Am UDT WCX – Barbara Tinker
1982 – Windbreaker’s Khaki Kipp CD – Ron Bischke/Glen Selwyn
1983 – CH Oriana A Cappella Am/Can CD TD – Eileen Battley/Barrie & Ainslie Mills
1984 – CH Cambrae’s Williwaw Am/Can UDT WCX – Karen Hallett
1985 – CH OTCH Orianna Alberta Spring Maria Can WC Am CDX – Betsey & Don Ryan
1986 – CH  Doman’s Sunrise Sarah CDX WC TD – Dave & Jean Doman
1987 – CH Dannebrog Distance Runner CDX WCI Am UD WCX – Chris Zink & Elaine Peterson
1988 – CH OTCH Doman’s Tequilla Sunrise TD WCI – Lorraine Krimmer
1989 – CH OTCH Jove Northern Light WCI – Tor Hansen
1990 – CH Butterblac’s ‘R Lord Tristan CDX WC Am CD – Linda & Steven Bryerton
1991 – CH Laurengold Loch Ora CDX TDX WCI – Diana Dumont
1992 – CH Shoneen Stand By Me CDX WC – R & P Manning
1993 – CH Doman’s Sunrise Summit CDX TDX WCI – Dave & Jean Doman
1994 – CH Chigal’s Travelin To The Top CD Am/Can WC – Matthew & Nancy Arnold
1995 –  CH OTCH Windrow’s Just in Time WCI Am UD CGC – L & S Phillips
1996 – CH Rimfire’s Come By Chance CDX WC – D Scott
1997 – CH Oriana Intermezzo CDX JH TT Am WCX JH – Ainslie & Barrie Mills
1999 – CH Sherhaven Hilite At Blueheron WC CDX – Jim & Judy Stewart
2000 – CH Ankrist’s Hayley’s Comet Am/Can CDX WC TT CGC – Gail Wormington
2001 – CH OTCH Lyngold’s Back To Albanor WC – Rhonda Murray
2002 – CH MOTCH Fyreglo’s First and Foremost WC – Robert Cox
2003 – CH Tyler’s Dream of Dileas CDX WC – Margaret Bethune
2004 – MHR CH OTCH Justmoor Boodacious WCX MH VCX VHOF Am CD – Mary Shilabeer
2005 – CH Riverdance Wind At My Back CDX TDX JH WCX VCX – Allyson Fennel
2006 – CH Riverdance It’s The Fizz CD TDX JH WCI VCI – Allyson Fennell
2007 – CH Justmoor Get Smart WC JH CD AGNS – Mary Shilabeer
2008 – CH Gowrielea’s Fear Factor CDX WC AGIJ RA VC – Tracy Thompson
2009 – CH MOTCH AGMCH Goldencol’s Come Fly With Me SH WCX RA – Deb Brunner-Walker and Doug Walker
2010 – CH MOTCH Hollykin’s Gold ‘n Cedar WC AGX AGXJ SHDX RE CGN – Leanne Tucker
2011 – CH MOTCH Zaniri’s Piece By Piece WCX SH – Leanne Tucker
2013 – GChEx AGMCHS Goldckr A Boat Turn WC UTD TD RN AGI AGU CGN – Brian and Lori Lancaster
2014 – TCh CH Riverdance Aero Dynamic CD SH WCI RN CGN VHOF CGN – Allyson Fennell
2015 – CH Tidewaters Five O Bookem Danno CGN RI CD TD JH WCI DD – Jill Cairns
2018 – CH AGMCH Goldcker Touk Can Play That Game JH WCI CDX AGMX XP JTX CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster
2019 – CH OTCH GMH NMH Zaniri Olive That N More WCX – Mary Shillabeer
2021 – CH GMOTCH NMH Zaniri Letter By Letter – WCX RN TD UTD DD ETD CGN – Leanne Tucker