Obedience Hall of Fame

OTCH Zaniri Whatcha Lookin’ At – Tracie Ball
MOTCH Auburnmist Lil’ Mz Knockout WC JH – Alice Menczel
GMOTCH Webshire’s Whole Kate’N Caboodle MH WCX – Helen Walker
MOTCH Gowrielea’s Feel The Fire JH WCX – Gail Wormington
GMOTCH Taygold’s Gyro Scopes It Out – David Skinner
OTCH Zaniri Back Seat Driver TD JH WC – Tracie Ball
GMOTCH Taygold’s Brawlroom Dancer – Elise Beals & David Skinner
GCHEX OTCH AGMCH AGMCHS Goldcker A Boat Turn JH WCI UTD TD XP JTX RN CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster
CH GMOTCH GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter WCX – Leanne Tucker
MOTCH Smok’n Gold’s Striding for Glory – Alan Davies
OTCH Smok’nGold’s Skyrocket N’Flight NPS CDX RAE WC AGNS AGNJS – Marsha Hall
GMOTCH Webshire’s Tried Tessted N True SH WCX Am UD – Helen Walker
GMOTCH Clithroe R Commander N Chief RAE II – Charles & Joan MacMillan
GMOTCH CH Gowrielea’s Fear Factor WC AGN AGIJ RE VCX – Tracy Thompson
GMOTCH Dannebrog Tracy’s Dilemma WCX JH AGMX AGXJ RE VCX – Tracy Thompson
GMOTCH CH Hollykins Gold’n Cedar AGX AGXJ SHDX RE CGN – Leanne Tucker
MOTCH Auburnmist Hot Tips Win Cash WCI JH DD SHDCH RE – Alice Menczel
MOTCH Auburnmist Premium Plus SHDX AGN JH WCI – Alice Menczel
OTCH Albanor’s Torran WC TT Am CDX – Aileen Murray

Please note, this is not a complete list. Historical information will continually be added over time.