Liz and Bruce Russell (Gowrielea Perm. Reg., established 1985)

We have owned Goldens for over 35 years, acquiring our first Golden Retriever in 1986. 

Our first Golden was Can. Ch. Ambercroft’s Brat of Cairngorm Can. CDX, WCI. Am. CD, WC, JH (Cairny). She taught us a great deal about humility, as she certainly lived up to her name “Brat”. Most importantly, however, Cairny introduced us to the world of Pure Bred Golden Retrievers. Since then it has been a wonderful journey with an ongoing passion for this wonderful breed. The many adventures we have had, and the wonderful friends we have made through our involvement in Goldens, have made every minute worthwhile.

Our Kennel name of “GOWRIELEA” (GOW – REE – LEE) originated from the Scottish tradition of naming their homes. “Gowrielea” was the name of Liz’s Grandfather’s house in the Dundee area of Scotland . We obtained permission to use that name for our Home/Kennel in Scarborough , Ontario, and now relocated to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We were honoured with life membership in the Golden Retriever Club of Canada in 2010, we have served multiple terms in various positions on the executive over the decades as well as Liz was Ways and Means Chair since the early 1990’s, transporting the club merchandise and sometimes trophies from coast to coast to make available to the members and participants at the National Specialty. We are also life and founding members of the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto. In addition, we are involved in the areas of Conformation, Obedience, Field & Agility. Over the past 35+ years, we have titled numerous Goldens in many areas of competition in both Canada and the U.S.

Liz & Bruce Russell

Gowrielea Perm. Registered