History of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada
Golden Beginnings

The first Golden Club registered with the C.K.C. in 1958 was called the Golden Retriever Club of Ontario. Their first meeting was held at the home of Harold Sherlock. The founding members were Jutta Baker, Mel & Bob Angrove, Harold Sherlock, John McNichol, H.V.P. “Bumpy” Lewis, Cliff MacDonald, Fred Coombs and Dr. Tom DeGeer. John McNichol was the first president. Within a short while their first match was held at the home of Cliff MacDonald. The match was attended by an impressive thirty-five Goldens including a Specials class. The club had interests in both field and show and regularly held training sessions.

In November 1959 The Golden Retriever Club of Ontario held their FIRST licensed specialty show. The Specialty was held at the home of Major Crawford in King City, Ontario. They hosted an entry of twenty-six Goldens under judge Alben E. (Nancy) Sturdee. Northland’s Castor owned by Dr. Tom DeGeer and handled by John McNicol was Best of Breed.

On December 6, 1959 the G.R.C. of Ont. held its FIRST annual meeting and according to the information available the first years were directed as follows:

President – John McNichol
Secretary – Roger Drysdale
Treasurer – Mel Angrove
Directors: Cliff MacDonald, Dr. T.DeGeer, Jutta Baker, Fred Coombs, & Harold Sherlock **this remained unchanged in 1961.

Executive for 1961 were:

President – Mr. W.D. Brown
Vice-Pres. – Mr. Lou Barks
Secretary – Mrs. Jutta Baker
Treasurer – Mr. M. Angrove

The membership was active in pursuing the progress of the club and in 1960 the G.R.C. of Ont. became registered with the C.K.C. as the Golden Retriever Club of Canada with representation of directors from coast to coast.


British Columbia – Col. Sam Magoffin
Manitoba -Dr. D. Croll
Quebec – Mr. P.A. Ouimet
New Brunswick – Mr. A. Wilson
Ontario – Mr. G. Davey, Mr. J. Taylor, Mr. N.C. MacDonald, Mr. R. Drysdale
Ottawa – Col. Beardmore

On November 27, 1960 the FIRST G.R.C.C. NATIONAL SPECIALTY was held, north of Toronto. The judge was Mr. T. Joel who had an entry of twenty-six Goldens.

The G.R.C.C. held specialties in 1963 & 1969 but a split was developing in the club and the interest of the governing directorship led more to field. However, by 1970 the membership in the club had grown

to such a point that both lines of interest were being actively developed. In 1970 the G.R.C.C. put on their next National Specialty and continued to hold booster shows every March with Canadian National Sportsmen’s Dog Show as it had most of the previous years. Their first independent specialty was held in 1972, at Joker’s Hill, King City, Ontario.

The desire for field work and trials was evident from the very beginnings of the club. Licensed field trials have been organized by G.R.C.C. every year since their first one May 7 & 8th, 1960 at Fullerton, Ontario. Dr. E.E. Pearce, New York and M.M. Stevenson, Toronto, officiated as judges at these trials. There was an entry of 25 Juniors„ 18 Qualifying, and 27 Open. Karl of Felsberg “Chum” owned by Mark Seguin and Loch Alvie owned by Paul Ouimet received Certificates of Merit at this trial.

Several Challenge and Perpetual trophies were donated for Field and Show. Early Field trophies:

  • Kist Challenge Trophy – Donated by Mark Seguin (Segmar Kennels) Open at Licensed Trials
  • Kerrdail Trophy – Donated by Roger Drysdale
  • Master Dog Food Challenge Trophy – Donated by Master Pet Foods
  • John Labatt Trophy – Donated by Labatt Breweries

Early Show Trophies

  • Master Food Challenge Trophy – Donated by Master Pet Foods for Best Puppy at National Specialty
  • DeNavilly Challenge Trophy – Donated by Fred Coombs for B.C.B.B. at the National Specialty
  • Kist Challenge Trophy – Donated by Mark Seguin (Segmar Kennels) for BEST OF BREED at the Nat. Spec.

Timberlee Rebel owned by J.F.H. Taylor of Burlington, Ontario was three times winner of G.R.C.C. National Specialty and retired the Kist Challenge Trophy replaced with the present day Glenmorag Trophy.

The Field Class Trophy, “The Can.Am.Ch. Gayhaven Lldiel Can.Am.CDX. Challenge Trophy was presented to the club by Marcia Schlehr and Harold and Diane Lavene,Michigan, U.S.A.

In 1965 Virginia & Walter Tetlak donated the Tetlak Ginwal trophy for Best of Winners at the National Specialty. They donated this trophy to promote friendship between U.S. and Canadian Golden fanciers

The N.C. MacDonald Challenge trophy for Best of Opposite Sex at the National was donated by N.C. MacDonald (Shadywell Kennels).

The G.R.C.C. continued to grow and prosper with the help and undying support of its members, from those important first few initial members to a membership today in the hundreds with Regional Club memberships across Canada.

The club has grown and since 1987 has become a truly NATIONAL body. Under the auspices of the parent club, regional clubs from all areas of Canada are carrying on their work. The National Specialty moves across Canada allowing more input and participation by members. A very special Newsletter “GOLDEN LEAVES”, helps keep members up to date and informed about Golden happenings.

The club is active in all areas of competition representing field, show, obedience & tracking. Since 1979 Licensed Obedience Trials are an integral part of our specialty week-end. W.C. tests have been held since 1973 and now include W.C.I. & W.C.X. on the day prior to our National Specialty.

In 1983 the first Licensed Tracking test was held that same week-end, however, support in his area has waned in the past years.

In 1989 the National Specialty was held in Port Moody, B.C. hosted by the G.R.C.B.C. This is the first time the National Specialty was held outside of Ontario and marked a “NEW GOLDEN BEGINNING”. Since 1989, the National has been held in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.