2022 GRCC National Results

Held in Calgary, Alberta July 31, 2022


Judge: Carol Hoare
Juvenile SweepsVeteran Sweeps
Best In Juvenile Sweepstakes:Wyncoras Set Fire To The RainBest In Veteran Sweepstakes:GCh Brio Alohamotion
Best Opposite in Juvenile Sweeps:Triores Pressing ButtonsBest Opposite in Veteran SweepsGChEx Goldstreak Hollykins Sport SLT


Judge: Kathy Lorentzen (24-21-21-30)
Best Of Breed:Ch Chuckanut's Classic Pickup Line
Best Of Opposite Sex:GChB Canzas Sparkling Rosie
Best Of Winners:JBG's Neverland
Best Puppy In Breed:Verdoro's Memories Are Made Of This
Select Dog:GCh Pompanobay Coppermoon
Select Bitch:GCh Coppermoon Angel Of Manaslu
Award Of Merit:Ch Gowrielea's U Should B Dancing

Ch Auburnmist Harmonie For Story

GCh Spiritrider Card To Coppermoon

Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter
Best Veteran:GCh Pompanobay Coppermoon
Best Opposite Veteran:GCh Coppermoon Angel Of Manaslu
Best Canadian Bred:GChB Canzas Sparkling Rosie
Best Bred By Exhibitor:Verdoro's I've Got You Babe
Best BraceGCh Spiritrider Card To Coppermoon
GChB Coppermoon Orlagh's Happy One
Best Gun Dog:Ch Auburnmist Water Be Gone
Best Field Dog:Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter
Best Baby Puppy In Breed:Triores Pressing Buttons

Winners Dog:JBG's NeverlandWinners Bitch:Coppermoon Mad Cat Boogie
Reserve Winners Dog:Coppermoon Howzat For SerendipityReserve Winners BitchWyncoras Set Fire To The Rain
Junior Puppy Dog Class:1st Verdoro's Memories Are Made Of ThisJunior Puppy Bitch Class:1st Allseasons Joyfull Irish Blessing
12-18 Month Dog Class1st Coppermoon Howzat For Serendipity
2nd Kavon's Mission Control
3rd Richwood Bluenose Island Son
4th Goldcker Skiff Competition
Senior Puppy Bitch Class:1st Wyncoras Set Fire To The Rain
2nd Redgold's Fall From Glory
3rd Auburnmist One Bright Light
Canadian Bred Dog Class:1st Taffy's Last Guardian
2nd Goldcker The Winner Lakes All
3rd Canza's Duck Duck Goose
4th Gowrielea's Scottish Glory
12-18 Month Bitch Class1st Lexagold's Limoncello Spritz
2nd Kavon's Special Mission
3rd Gowrielea's Little Bit Of Mystery
Bred By Exhibitor Dog Class:1st Teddybears I Ain't Lion I Got Courage
2nd Tasmara It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
3rd Auburnmist Just Sullivan
4th Nadina's Just A Berry Farm Love Story
Canadian Bred Bitch Class:1st Hollykins Mystic Hershey's Kiss
2nd Nadina's Just A Rumoured Story At Redgold
3rd Triore In The Beat Of The Night
Open Dog Class:1st JBG's Neverland
2nd Westbrook's Apple Of My Eye
3rd Goldcker Meritorious Bready Or Knot
4th Auburnmist Peace Of Bolo
Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Class:1st Verdoro's I've Got You Babe
2nd Gowrielea's Balmaha
3rd Kayenna's Three's Company
4th Lexagold's Clear The Ice
Field Dog:Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By LetterOpen Bitch Class:1st Coppermoon Mad Cat Boogie
2nd Auburnmist Just Jeannie
3rd Goldcker Bread N Biscuit
4th Taffy's Calypso
Veterans - 9-12 Years Male:GCh Pompanobay CoppermoonField Bitch:Zaniri Dare I Say More
Veterans - 12+ Years Male:1st GChEx MOTCh AgMCH Goldcker A Boat Turn
2nd GCh Gowrielea's Scots Wha Hae
Veteran Female (7-9):1st GCh Spiritrider Card To Coppermoon
2nd GCh Brio Alohamotion
3rd Ch Lexagolds Yaint Dutch Yaintmuch
Best Stud Dog:GCh Nadina's Easter Campfire StoryVeterans - 9-12 Years Female:1st GCh Coppermoon Angel Of Manaslu
2nd Ch MOTCh GMH Zaniri Olive That N More
3rd Tasmara Runnin' Amok Abroad
Best Brood Bitch:GCh Brio's Hotsicle


Judge: Lynne Oslach
High In Trial: Hi-Star In Hot Pursuit
Goldcker Poker ShipsN/A
Ch Goldcker Water U Sinkin A BoatN/A
Goldcker Skiff CompetitionN/A
Idafab's2020 Royal Golden Gift OakleyN/A
Novice A
Golden Valley Royal Prodigy184.0
Novice B
Ch Goldcker Fish N Ships198.5
Open HA
No Entry
Open 18A
No Qualifiers
Open HB
OTCh Spirit's Dazzle Me Beckham198.5
MOTCh Tashora Sings To My Heart196.0
GMOTCh Hi-Star's It's All About Teal196.0
Zaniri Dare I Say More191.0
Open 18B
Hi-Star In Hot Pursuit199.0
Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter198.0
Zaniri Olive That N More197.5
Zaniri's Starlite Starbrite197.5
Utility A
No Qualifiers
Utility B
GMOTCh Hi-Star's It's All About Teal195.5
Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter194.5

Rally Obedience

Judge: Lynne Oslach
Novice A
Tynehead Little Wing95.0
Goldcker The Winner Lakes All95.0
Goldcker On Ice Chips93.0
Kohana's A Whole New World93.0
Ch Gowrielea's U Should B Dancing85.0
Goldcker Bread N Butter78.0
Goldcker Oar Going 2 Fast76.0
Novice B
Zaniri Dare I Say More100.0
Gold'N'Pointzzz Revel In Her Merits100.0
Cashmere's Spirit In The Sky100.0
Meritorius Leap of Faith99.0
Ch Kavon's Special Edition98.0
Zaniri Olive That N More90.0
Goldcker Udo Knot No Jack Ship99.0
Kohana's Homeward Bound96.0
Goldcker Poker Ships74.0
Advanced A
Auburnmist Harmonie Highland Gateway99.0
Advanced B
Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter100.0
Ch Goldcker Fish N Ships100.0
Zaniri's Starlite Starbrite100.0
GChB Canzas Sparkling Rosie98.0
Ch Goldcker Water U Sinkin A Boat98.0
Excellent A
No Qualifiers
Excellent B
Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter100.0
Ch OTCh Tashora Dare To Be Cool100.0
Hi-Star In Hot Pursuit100.0
Zaniri Savoir Flare98.0
Ch GMOTCh GMH Zaniri Letter By Letter100.0
Ch OTCh Tashora Dare To Be Cool99.0