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What is the GRCC?

The Golden Retriever Club of Canada is the national breed club recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

A Board of Directors manages the overall operation of the Club. The Board consists of the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and five Regional Directors. The interests of local Golden Retriever breed clubs across Canada are represented by the Regional Directors in the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ontario, The Prairies & Northwest Territories, Alberta, and British Columbia & The Yukon.

Some of the aims and objectives of the Club are:

  • To develop and bring the Golden Retriever to the highest standards possible
  • To promote and develop the interest of all owners and/or fanciers in the prime activities of the breed
  • To encourage all owners and/or fanciers of Golden Retrievers to become members of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada through positive Public Relations and Educational programmes
  • To promote the interests of, and uphold the By-laws of The Canadian Kennel Club
  • To ensure that the breeder-members of the Club maintain the highest standards possible at all times with strict adherence to the Code of Ethics