General Policies

When Event or Annual trophies are present at the show or trial involved, they will remain in the possession of the GRCC.

Event keeper trophies will be presented at the show or trial involved. It will be the responsibility of the GRCC to supply an engraved plate for every event keeper trophy. The plate will be forwarded to the recipient within a reasonable time, at the expense of the GRCC.

Challenge trophies will be won outright when the same dog and owner has been awarded the same trophy for three (3) consecutive years. If the recipient decides to keep the trophy in his possession when awarded as above, then it is the responsibility of the recipient to provide a suitable replacement trophy at his/her expense. The replacement trophy would have to be approved by the GRCC Board for quality and suitability. If the recipient decides to replace the trophy, he/she would then have the option to rename the new trophy. 

It will be responsibility of the GRCC to supply the engraved plate for every trophy awarded. 

The following will apply as indicated –

BREED TROPHIES – No breed standard disqualifying faults.

PERFORMANCE TROPHIES – No breed standard disqualifying faults.


These requirements apply to all trophies. Additional requirements may be necessary for an individual trophy.

1) The owner or at least one co-owner must be a member of the GRCC, in good standing.

2) Applications for trophies must be made on the form provided by the GRCC. The applicant’s signature verifies that the requirements listed are correct and that the dog has no disqualification to the Breed Standard. This form is available on the GRCC website. Disqualifications to the Breed Standard are as follows:

  • Deviation in height of more than 1 inch (3 cm) from the standard either way. MALE: 23-24 INCHES (58-61 CM) IN HEIGHT AT THE WITHERS FEMALE: 21½ – 22½ INCHES (55-57CM) IN HEIGHT AT THE WITHERS
  • Undershot or overshot jaw. This condition not to be confused with misaligned teeth.

3) Application forms must be submitted to the awards committee chairperson on or before the published deadline date. Any application received after that date will be ineligible.
Exceptions:  The winners of the annual awards for Top Show Dog (Forget-Me-Not Perpetual Trophy) and Top Best of Opposite Sex (Shadywell Perpetual Trophy) will be determined by the GRCC, as verified by the awards committee chairperson.”
For these two trophies, an application form is not required, but the owner or at least one co-owner must be a member of the GRCC in good standing.

4) Achievements must have been made in the specified year period beginning January 1 and ending December 31, except where noted.

5) All awards are for Canadian achievements only, and must be verified by results as listed under the Canadian Kennel Club official results where possible. 

6) All obedience scores must be qualifying scores.

7) When applying for trophies requiring clearances, copies of the clearances must accompany the application. Clearances must be from organizations approved by the GRCC, as outlined in the GRCC Code of Ethics.


1) In the event of a disagreement between the applicant and the committee, it is the applicant’s responsibility to substantiate the results submitted at his/her expense. After such an appeal is heard, then the decision of the awards committee on the matter, will be final.

2) All annual awards trophies will be awarded in as good condition as possible. 

3) A keeper trophy will be provided by the GRCC if one is not provided by the donor of the annual trophy. 

4) Annual award keeper trophies will be presented at the GRCC National Specialty Banquet. Recipients will be notified in advance by the Awards Chairperson. If the recipient is unable to attend, the keeper trophy will be mailed to the recipient by the Awards Chairperson.