Christine Kobler

Arriving in Canada from New Zealand in 1979, Christine made a new and beautiful life in the province of BC. Currently residing in the West Kootenays where lakes, rivers and mountains greet her and her Golden Retrievers everyday. From snow packed winters to glorious summers, Christine and her Goldens are always out on an adventure.

Christine has been an owner and breeder of Golden Retrievers for almost three decades (Redgold Perm Reg’d). Her career with Goldens started in 1993 with her first dog, Keeza. At her first sanction match, Christine met Carol Beaulieu and was then introduced to many wonderful people she considers life long friends. Christine’s dog Keeza went on to earn many titles and ended his career with along list of accolades, OTCH U-CD BUCHANAN BLU KEEZA WCX JH TD AM WCX. Christine’s passion for continued professional growth in the field of Golden Retrievers has led to a lifetime not only as an owner and breeder, but also as a Hunt Test judge. Christine has been the past Secretary of the GRCC, past President and Past VP Field of the GRCBC,  past Treasurer of the WKKC and mostrecently, VP of the Kamloops Kennel Club.

Golden Retrievers have been described as social, playful, friendly, trustworthy, intelligent and gentle. If Christine were a dog, she would be a Golden Retriever. Anyone who has ever met Christine would say she too has all those wonderful traits. Christine believes that both temperament and health are first and foremost in breeding. Anyone who enjoys the love and company of a Redgold Golden Retriever will see the true Golden personality and enjoy a dog bred with both temperament and health as a priority. Her success has led to conformation championship titles on 7 dogs, plus numerous, field, tracking and obedience titles.