CH MOTCH Fyreglo’s First n Foremost WC Memorial Trophy

Donated by: Bob and Esther Cox

Awarded to the Golden Retriever who has obtained the three (3) highest combined scores (i.e. Open B and Utility B) while earning the MOTCh.  (i.e. OTChX leg scores while on the way to the MOTCh)

This trophy can only be won once by a single dog.

Scores need not be earned in one calendar year, but the dog must have obtained the MOTCH in the year for which the handler is applying.

Each combined score must be earned at a single trial.  (i.e. you cannot take an Open score from one trial and a Utility score from another.)

You may use any OTChX leg scores up to and including earning the MOTCh, but not afterwards.  (i.e. If you earn your MOTCh at the Saturday trial, you could not use the qualifying scores from the Sunday trial.)

Trophy Winners

2004 – GMOTCH Ambertrail Pride of the Rideau – Bruce & Lillian Gibbons & Ursula Walsh
2005 – Not awarded
2006 – Not awarded
2007 – MOTCH Webshire’s Tried Tessted N Tru JH WCX – Helen Walker
2008 –  Not awarded
2009 – MOTCH Gowrielea’s Feel the Fire JH WCI RA – Gail Wormington
2010 – Not awarded
2011 – CH MOTCH Top Look’s Mystic River JH WCI Am CDX – Esther Cox
2012 – Not awarded
2013 – Not awarded
2014 – Not awarded
2015 – Not awarded
2016 – Not awarded
2017 – CH MOTCH Zaniri Letter By Letter MH WCX – Leanne Tucker
2019 – GMOTCH Audeo’s Road To Razzmatazz – Louise Bastien