Agility Hall of Fame

OTCH Smok’nGold’s Spittin Fire JH WCX AGX AGXJ EP RE CRX-MCL MADC MGDC SN  TDCH – Jasmine DeBlois
CH AGMCH Goldcker Fish N Ships CDX RE AGMX AGMXJ XP AGSC JTX DJ CGN VS – Brian & Lori Lancaster
AGMCHV Brassfire’s Boom Shaq-A Laq-A CDX RE JH WC ATD XPS JTXV AGMXJV AGMXV – Gary & Shelley Overs
AGMCHV2  Goldcker NextyLucyRightyTighty, CD, RE, XPV, JTV, CGN, SHDCH – Marie Wall
ATCHC Smok’N’Gold’s Playin With Fire – Jasmine DeBlois
GCHEX OTCH AGMCH AGMCHS Goldcker A Boat Turn JH WCI UTD TD XP JTX RN CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster
CH AGMCH Goldcker Touk Can Play That Game JH WCI CDX XP JTX CGN – Brian & Lori Lancaster
CH Shakeely’s Northern Parade NP IP XP CDX AGX AGIJ AGXJ AGMXJ – Lindsay Harvey-Gaudry & Jean Claude Gaudry
GMOTCH Dannebrog Tracy’s Dilemma WCX JH AGMX AGXJ RE VCX – Tracy Thompson

Please note, this is not a complete list. Historical information will continually be added over time.